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2011 was both the most enjoyable year and the most painful year for me. Nevertheless, it's my favorite year so far, and here's why.

January: First relationship, 1/26/11. One of my happiest months. My first time experiencing dates, being asked out, and most of all, knowing that my feelings are reciprocated. I'm not trying to brag about it or anything but considering how low my self-esteem was, it was a huge feat for me to actually find someone who thought I was special.

February: I honestly don't remember much about February aha. Just that it was stressful because of Solo and Ensemble, and my CPR/First Aid competition.

March: MY BIRTHDAY UUUU that was really fun! And Junior Prom was okay, too. Also, my ex's birthday and my grandma's birthday were on the same day. But what made this significant was POKEMON BLAAAAACK. I love that game so much even if I hate the Pokemon designs! Ahhh the Elite Four was amazing and I felt so accomplished when I beat them, teehee.

Also, super_powers closed. It was the first RP I legitimately enjoyed and made so many friends in. I really miss it, despite me not having the will to post there. I made a lot of new friends there and felt really welcome, and I had so. So much fun.

April: Again, I don't remember much about April, so moving onnnn-

May: May was another fun month, because that was when I took my first step into ~*senior status*~. That was when everyone would start talking about all the things we wanted to do during senior year etcetc and idk, that was really exciting...

June: One of the most depressing months. My ex broke up with me, my family was having issues, a bit of friend drama, and self-esteem issues. *TRIGGER WARNING, highlight to read* I tried to commit suicide with pills. I OD'd two to three times. I didn't need to go to the hospital or anything but yeah, that wasn't fun. I pretty much wanted to give up but I had a commitment to marching band so I couldn't.

July: Marching band took up a lot of my time. It was pretty fun though, we had a leadership sleepover- BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE, HANDS DOWN- and we got to know our section for the upcoming season.

August: School starts and the pressure's on. AP Calc is really killing me, from the very beginning. One of the best teachers was teaching it but the content was messed up.

There was this incident in which my fellow section leader and I got tired of how our section was letting everything we said go in through one ear and out the other. We scolded them, pretty bad, especially me. Now, last year, we didn't have any new people so we had it easy. But this year we had all rookies, and I didn't know how to handle it. Hence lots of drama, rumors, and lies started on their end about us and yeah that just wasn't pretty. It got solved though so that's what matters....

September: SO. MUCH. MARCHING BAND. We had our annual Spirit Night and basically the Sophomores do games for the band, the Juniors put on a skit, and the Seniors say their farewell speeches to the band (since it's their last year). I cried like a baby. My speech was SUPER LONG but I didn't even notice it and now my band director hates me LMFAO (no I'm kidding) but yeah.

October: Marching band competitions start. Also, I ended up with a B in Calc for first quarter. Huge accomplishment, I was so happy! Also, I joined route_29, and I absolutely love it there! Both Misaki and Orihime have so much precious CR and I love tagging everyone. I also made some new friends here!

November: Sick sick sick. I got SUPER sick that I missed two days of school. The night before the first day I stayed home was a marching band competition (yes on a school night) and I nearly collapsed on the field, lmao.


Yeah so there's my super... uninteresting life... Idk I'm sort of out of it right now (went to bed at 5, woke up at 1) so I can't think straight orz

If you comment this entry, I will comment back with something very meaningful!

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THAT'S AWESOME!! I'm glad 2011 was a great year for you! : )
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HAHAHAHAHA oh man that plurk was so ridic. I'm so glad it made your day better, that really just warms my heart <3